現代に蘇るクラシカルポルシェ ロイターカロッセリア 1500

Reuters Stuttgart 1500

Founded 1906. 1963 of Reuters Stuttgart car body manufacturing company which is the predecessor has changed its name to RECARO. Announced the first sports seats bears the brand of RECARO in 1965 to be two years later. 2015 is the year of the milestone that it from 50 years. RECARO is important to think at the time of the story does not change even now. Another story on the back of the Porsche 911 birth.

The predecessor of Recaro's "Reuters Carrozzeria" has raised the born 1906. Wilhelm Reuters founder had been a horse-drawn carriage manufacturing craftsmen, as a company maker of car body manufacturing of motor vehicles, which was the motif of harness, we started in the land of Straubing Houtte Stuttgart.

Of Germany at the time, and the vehicle manufacturing company to develop the engine and chassis, by the presence of both of the car body manufacturing company engaged in the bodywork (coach builder), is rapidly developing automotive industry. Meanwhile, such as Reuters to acquire the development and patent of the new car body which is the prototype of today's convertible, Daimler in the rich wisdom originality, Mercedes, Maybach, Opel, Bugatti, Horch, Audi, Volkswagen, and such as Porsche, I went worked on the car body manufacturing toward a vehicle manufacturing company at the time of Germany (some outside).

Surprisingly, that the number was a car developed the first car of the manufacturer or production the first car, which continues until today. 1 car of Porsche (prototype vehicle that has been developed in Austria era is not included, production first car in Germany) and made 356 pre-A (1949 years) also, Reuters has contracted the car body manufacturing. If you look at the appearance of the evidence in 356 pre-A, which is on display at the Porsche Museum and the Toyota Automobile Museum of Japan in Germany, you can see that the Reuters emblem is stuck proudly to its body.

Then, take the Second World War the automotive industry of the flow of the end was big change in the wake of the (many vehicle manufacturing company development of the monocoque body begins is growing momentum to build a mass-production system), Porsche is our own factory It began to seek was a very natural expansion. And in 1963, Porsche had worked on the car body manufacturing, such as 356 and Volkswagen Beetle, of Reuters to work the workers of about 1,000 factory (of brick that exist-to-Fen Hausen in the factory, which is located opposite the Porsche Museum in the building, but now it will be taking over the specified) as a tangible cultural heritage buildings.

And, Reuters itself was handed over the factory, the way of taking the first letter of "Reutter Carosserien" changed its company name as "RECARO", turn from the coach builder of up to it, the industry's first "automobile professional sheet manufacturer" walk it in. While the maker of manufacturing of sheet of Porsche 356 and 9011, (50 anniversary should be commemorated from Recaro sport seat is born in 2015) announced the world's first sport seat that listed the "Recaro-brand" in 1965.

Recaro is not sports seats only, headrest and shoulder support, such as lumbar support, seat heating and ventilation, today announced one after another a new technological innovation that has become commonplace. Furthermore, incorporated into the field of automotive sheet ahead of the point of view of human engineering and waveform shaping medicine to the other, to achieve the correct sitting posture and seating performance for the purpose of low back pain prevention and reduce fatigue during operation, it worked on until the development of ergonomics I was going to.

The past few years, there is a thing called "brand promise" to the phrase Recaro is to cherish. Intended to brand itself showed invariant value that promises to markets and all of our customers, this is "We were able to grow up here by the evaluation of a number of users who have experienced the brand Recaro. Therefore we thing but should promise, that Recaro continues to be in the Recaro. in accordance with the cultural climate of the German companies, the pursuit of good quality by honestly, do not forget the creative and innovative challenge, as "Recaro someday" we continue to manufacturing, such as get to "is a phrase that is based on the strong philosophy ---. Simply only of function and manufacturing appearance of obtaining the convenience is not a role to be played by Recaro. New materials, the development of the sheet with a new framework and a new concept, and is precisely to continue to stick to better the seating performance demand was manufacturing, we believe ought of Recaro.

Recaro is, in a close relationship with Porsche that continues until today, I think there were many places that you can sympathize with values ​​for the manufacturing. I learned a lot from the Porsche, and we have shared a lot of things. As you talk with people of Porsche owners, most often get to say, "Porsche = Recaro", there are many that feel the common values. Recaro is by no means a large-scale production of sheet manufacturer. Rather, high-mix low-volume, and is a manufacturer to pursue what the higher quality. That said, not a haute couture even if Recaro. For this reason also we should not be construed as a universal satisfaction of everyone. However, users not only a good place, including the place that they are not still enough, accepts all, and who can have up to love. I feel strongly it. Porsche that also common I think many. Advanced high-performance which can not constitute in any way in the mass production, because the spirit of the immutable continue to pursue the high-quality until a naive is is why some in the underlying.

Currently, the domestic product line-up, in addition to the model that the SP-G, which is loved by a lot of Porsche owners, there is a circuit and a street of well-balanced fusion model that Japan own a RS-G was developed. In addition, sports stars with the injection type of skeleton based on the advanced technology of Recaro, a new seating performance and advanced design has a good reputation as a model of features. And, high-end model SP-X Avant which adopted the autoclave carbon in the same structure as the sports star. Porsche owners that both want to functionally effective use of the space of the interior, is a model that you want to recommend.

It has a history of more than 100 years from its inception, now that your Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW, and working on a new project with a number of leading car manufacturers such as Porsche Recaro. Also Recaro seat with "FIA8862-2009" authentication in a cup car of the Porsche 991, which started running the Japanese circuit (P1300GT) has been adopted again from this year, has become a hot topic. "After all, the Porsche, I I look good Recaro" and hear these voices from the direction of --- fan, something like "ties" that lies between these two is what is felt again.

Already underway is development of new technologies with the aim of the next 100 years in the Recaro. It, while always accompanied by a strong and sure gait to go the other one step ahead. Only a sheet to be OEM adopted by automobile manufacturers, Recaro, which it has been found that listed the brand logo. Also in the world of aftermarket sport seats, precisely because a pioneer proud of the overwhelming history of 50 years, you can through the "evolution" "immutable feelings" against. Precisely because unchanged trusted, and loved --- Recaro and Porsche Again In that part, it will then feel that is similar.

AFF-3 Mechanical Tokyo 
2016  04 25 月曜日

尾山代表の愛車Porsche 356 で御座います!

Reuters, Carrozzeria  
Porsche 356 1500







Kdf  Volkswagen Type 1 
Prototype production of air-cooled Beetle
つまり空冷VW ビートルのプロトタイプ製作を、















Nikon D3S

Nikon single-focus lens 
P Auto F3.5 55mm
Photo by Toshifumi Kako 

AFF-3 Mechanical Tokyo
2016 04 25 Monday

A dating Karekore more than 20 years
Oyama jewels representative of the car Porsche 356!
It is riding a 356 Porsche in full restoration condition.

Reuters, Carrozzeria
Porsche 356 1500

RE Reuters's initials,
The company name CARO is that the initials of Karosserie

Once Porsche 356
Reuters, which had assumed the body production.

The Reuters,
Saddle in 1906 of about 110 years ago
(Such as the harness of the saddle) was a Meister
Mr. Wilhelm Reuters
The name of the body production plant that caused.

Company name Karo' Serie Courchevel click Reuters
As can be seen in the fact that,
Carrozzeria say in Italian,
Jewels in the so-called coach builder.

At the time, automakers
Although the production of engine and chassis,
The body has many patterns that leave it to the outside,
Many of the coach builder
Where its predecessor was a harness-related workshop.

In that Kalman gear
Famous Karmann also, predecessor of carriage workshop
That is right was one of the coach builder.

Well Reuters after the war,
It became the Porsche of body production plant,
Reuters before the war is at the behest of Hitler,
Kdf Volkswagen Type 1
Volkswagen Beetle,
Prototype production of air-cooled Beetle
That is, the prototype production of air-cooled VW Beetle,
Along with the Daimler-Benz
It is so because there is a background that was in charge.

After the war immediately of Porsche, Inc.,
Nevertheless, to have a workshop,
Mere design office basically.

Rather than equipment as a car manufacturer,
So 356 when full-scale production of,
Stuttgart of Reuters
It seems to start that commissioned the body production well.

All Porsche company of Reuters
It was supposed to be the acquisition which is,
Porsche production model
That will Kirikawaro from 356 to 911
It seems to have been the events of 1963.

By then, Reuters, Inc.
Have up to 356 final assembly line of,
It had become a Porsche factory itself,
911 increase in production on behalf of is expected,
From that a new capital investment was also desirable,
Reuters's management is better to leave it to Porsche, Inc.
Judgment of whether not the better the case for it seems was born.

You know, a German of sheet manufacturer,
Opportunity for Recaro is born,
Was the place by the Reuters acquisition of this Porsche.
Porsche, Inc., of Reuters
Although subject to asset the entire transfer,
Again with respect to sheet production,
That approached the consignment production.

While aside, company name that the current Recaro is,
It seems to have been the address for the telegram of Reuters.

RE Reuters's initials,
CARO is is why that the initials of Karosserie.

Recaro is sports seat
Also it was led to undertake the production,
The original is the Porsche company seems to opportunity.
Ride is also good support resistance even higher,
And a lightweight seat, sought to Porsche,
It began to make an integral sheet that use the aluminum to the shell.

Using the aluminum sheet metal technology developed in the body production
Molding the shell, there to cushion and epidermis
Which was pasted directly,
This became the origin of subsequent sports seats.

I remember that it was that of 1965.
The local of the Porsche Museum,
The coat of arms of course Wolfsburg City
Emblem and the initial of
Air-cooled Beetle had been exhibited.

It is of Ferdinand Porsche Dr.
A maximum of performance,
On to spell their own history as well as Porsche, Inc.
Story and that is the presence of indispensable.

A prototype of the Porsche 356
Of suspension Ya this type 1
The that it was made using the engine,
Too famous story.

Here, Porsche and Volkswagen
That it is in the sharing difficult relationship,
Also it became to feel again.

Porsche and so to speak as an associative
Recaro (formerly Reuters), and of course
I feel things like ties with Volkswagen,
Automotive industry speaking exaggerated or say what
Others, such as the historical romance
Of the jewels was supposed to taste.

Nikon D3S

Nikon single-focus lens
P Auto F3.5 55mm
Photo by Toshifumi Kako

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